12 ways to save water

80% of the Danish population feel the need to be more climate-friendly but do not know how to achieve this. I want to help with that. Because of this, I made a poster explaining 12 ways to where and how you can save water. There are plenty of different ways to do this, and a lot of water can be saved in your everyday life.

According to a report from the UN, by 2030 the world will only contain 60% of the water it needs. This is largely due to ineffective global policy. Therefore, everyone’s contribution on saving water is necessary.


The poster can be purchased in the following sizes, 30x40cm and 50x70cm. The poster is printed on high quality FSC certified 200gr Photo Satin.

€7 of the poster is donated to a charitable cause

Every time a poster is purchased, we donate €7 to a charitable organization. The organizations we collaborate with all fight for the same cause. The same cause that we too prioritize – a green cause. Please send us an Email if you believe that we have overlooked any important climate organizations.