I am educated as a designer, self-taught printmaker, and the creator of the posters you’ll find on this site.

My company, SimonHolst.com is set to world to inform and inspire people to make a more sustainable living. 80% of all humans wants to live more climate-friendly, but don’t know where to start, and how they will make a difference. If you recognize yourself in this, then you have come the right place.

The process

I translate research and heavy climate reports into educational posters that make my customers’ way to a greener world easier and more fun. My heart also beats for the green kitchen and good clean ingredients. The range of posters therefore also includes designs from the gastronomic world that can give a little green spice to people’s creative abilities in the kitchen.

Every time we sell a climate poster, we send 8 euros to a charitable organization according to the customers’ own choice. The organizations we cooperate with are all fighting for a case that we also give high priority. Please send us an email if you will recommend us another organization.

All posters are printed on high quality matte paper that is FSC certified.

Have a green day